YAV90PIN 12 SPST 8A relays

YAV90PIN 12 SPST 8A relays


– 12 Relays 8A 250V
– Double tripaddle contact per connection.
– Plug-in terminals for power supplies and loads
– Enable contact for each relay
– Power supply of 24VDC only
– Automatic identification of the module
– National Instruments LabView drivers

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– Power Input/outputs in tests systems using VPC receivers.

The YAV90PIN board is designed to cover the need to control the available power supplies in a test system to the device under test.
A VPC 90 series connector is used as interface with the fixture, guaranteeing more than 20.000 mating cycles. Two Connector Catalogue.contacts per relay contact are used.

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Sub-Category: Power Switches

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