H71002800 6TL-28 19inch 43U Heavy Duty Test Platform

H71002800 6TL-28 19inch 43U Heavy Duty Test Platform


The 6TL-28 is a bare rack for creating Off-Line, modular, flexible and reliable Base test platforms. The overall rack capacity is 43U (640mm depth).

To configure your Base Test Platform, the following parts can be added to the 6TL-28 bare rack:
– Test Rack Manager, to control the test station.
– Power Distribution Unit.
– Uninterruptible Power Supply
– Industrial PC or NI PXI to control the platform
– Monitor in side arm)
– VPC Mass Interconnect Receiver (12 or 18 slots)
– YAV Modules
– Accessories: Beacon, Air inlet Pneumatic kit…
– Any 19’ Instrument
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The 6TL-28 Platform is a perfect base for the conception of a real modular Automatic Test Equipment for low to mid manufacturing volumes.
A system designed around the 6TL-28 is simple, easy to maintain and cost effective. The rack is prepared for the direct integration of platform based receivers from Virginia Panel, like G12 and G12X.
The core of the system can be either an Industrial PC or a NI-PXI. A UPS will protect the valuable instrumentation as well as control all the steps for an automatic power-up and down of the test system.
Thanks to the Test Rack Manager (MMI), interaction and control with the system, as well as the basic safeties, are implemented out-of –the-box.
Typical 6TL-28 configuration would be the one shown in the image. Order the following products to get this configuration:
– H71002800, 6TL28 Off-Line Base Test Platform
– H73000301, Test rack manager
– H71006800 – Working area lifter for G12X
– VP310104410 – Receiver 18-Slots G12x, w/15″ platform
– H71002190, Monitor & Keyboard in side orientable support
– VP310113566, Adjustable Leg Kit for the 20″ Platform
– MMSAI2U1000, UPS

Download here the overview brochure with our fastATE base test solutions.

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